10 Strange Ways to Stay Healthy

Being a healthy person may sound boring, but in fact there are a lot of strange ways in which you can stay healthy. Click on the Infographic below to see what crazy ways you can do to be healthy!

Our favorite one is #2 because not many people are aware of how important the mouth is for keeping you healthy. In fact, not flossing can lead to heart disease according to WebMD.

#7 is also important to point out. Coffee is a great health booster and has been linked with preventing certain types of cancers, diabetes and more.

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Tips on Staying Healthy

Here is a great video we found on Youtube that offers some great tips on keeping a healthy lifestyle.

While the first 30 seconds may seem like a wannabe music video, trust us there are some great tips in here. So give it a chance.

One of our favorite points the video makes is to keep a daily planner. Have all of you thoughts swim around in your head may stress you out and cause you to partake in unhealthy lifestyle choices. A planner can help keep your mind free and clear!

Another good thing to do is drink lots of water. Many people often forget that our bodies are made of mostly water and without adequate intake we become deficient and can lead to many health issues.

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Keeping Healthy Is Imperative; Important Factors To Consider

One important factor when keeping healthy is to avoid high cholesterol foods. This is an oil-based deposit, found in every cell of the body and naturally, it is essential for the body to perform certain functions, but an abuse of this substance by studies, has shown that researches have proven it to be very problematic. While there are a lot of aspects we could go and talk about regarding cholesterol, lets be streamlined and focused on just a few. Lets start with dealing with cholesterol problems and the top cholesterol lowering foods.


Top cholesterol lowering foods.
When it comes to lowering cholesterol, it normally has to be natural and somewhat cost-free in the sense that, cholesterol deposits are caused by excessive eating of high fat saturated foods and so, getting your cholesterol level down should be just like taking a 360-degree turn on an unpleasant rout and journey back home with commitment / attitude. What we mean by this is that, you gradually cut down your intake in high fat meals but in extreme cases, you should just give it a complete stop and commit to fat-free dieting plan which could be easily created by a health professional. While you go on your fat-free dieting it is important to know exactly what you should be eating and we have listed typical cholesterol lowering foods below; split pears, oatmeal, broccoli, spinach and carrots.

Another powerful cholesterol lowering food is actually a beverage, espresso or coffee. These drinks contain antioxidants that help lower cholesterol if drank on a daily basis. However, like with any type of food/beverage, drinking too much espresso or coffee per day will have adverse side effects. The best rule of thumb is to drink at least two but no more than four coffee drinks daily. This will ensure that you encounter the positive effects of coffee beverages without harm. Here is a good site to find the best espresso machines under $200 http://davidandmax.com/the-best-espresso-machine-under-200.

Next on the bill, lets share with you something motivating, we have an interesting video about a man and how he lowered his cholesterol naturally, using certain strategies, it is such and interesting video, take a look.

It is also important to perform at least 30 minutes of exercise each day to keep your cholesterol in check. This may seem hard to do, but if you at least do something that is active, like running or walking, it is better than doing nothing at all. You can also break this 30 minutes up into intervals, for example: 10 minutes of cardio activity in the morning, 10 right after lunch and 10 after your dinner. This way it is not as intimidating or taxing and can fit into even the busiest person’s schedule.

As we mentioned previously, espresso and coffee are great sources of beverage intake that can help lower your cholesterol. If you have never been a very big coffee drinker and want to try this method of health maintenance, check out this list of the best cheap espresso machines over at http://davidandmax.com/best-cheap-inexpensive-espresso-machine. It is a valuable resource for buying espresso, coffee and cappuccino makers.

These natural strategies are very helpful in keeping your health up, a very promising cholesterol lowering tactic that you can start using right now! It features easy to follow instructions that does not take a lot of effort. We bet you will have tremendous healthy results on your next check-up. Stay healthy and keep an eye on what you eat!


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